History on Fish Flip

Fish Flip Productions started back in January of 2009. The name however, became a thing, in the middle of Jacquie's time in college at Madison Media Institute. 

Jacquie and her family were on a trip in northern Wisconsin near the great lakes. They were walking down a sidewalk on their way to the lake and they came across a flip flop with a fish on it. Unfortunately, it was a dead fish. They all thought that was so random and that it needed to be remembered forever. Ironically enough at that time, Jacquie was working on a project for school where she needed to come up with a production company name and come up with the logo and bumper for it. 

Together they brainstormed names for the company that had something to do with a fish and a flip flop. Eventually they came up with Fish Flip Productions. The original logo was a very cartoon looking logo with a fish on a flip flop floating in water.

Fast forward to today, it's now on land, and still has a dead fish on a flip flop. Jacquie definitely has a strange sense of humor, as does her family.